6ya Launches Android Web Platform


6ya has launched a web platform for Android that can be launched from the Chrome browser. Now we can go directly to www.6ya.com on an Android phone’s browser without the hassle and time it takes to download an App because no download is required. Android users can experience the benefits that have only been available to iPhone users until now.

Our smartphones have become a lifeline for many of us. They remind us of our appointments and provide us driving directions. They have become our cameras, our flashlights and our handheld TV’s. Now they can offer help in a whole new way, thanks to 6ya.

What do you do when your clothes dryer won’t start or your light dimmer stops working or your computer network goes down? You could read through the entire user manual, or you could go easy on yourself with a quick tap on your Android’s browser.

Whatever the problem is, 6ya has an expert for that.

The carefully vetted Experts are available anytime we need help. 6ya has a wide array of categories to help us with. All the Experts are community rated by other members just like you and me, so I know I will get the quality of service I expect.

Who you gonna call? 6ya, of course. I know I will.